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Great Offer.

  • Jul. 6th, 2007 at 3:08 PM
Because everyone loves free stuff!

To help boost my sales, anyone that refers 2 people that buy anything off of my cart will recieve a free gift. Please have your buddy put your lj name in the paypal comments and after they purchase I will contact you to get your present out to you. This offer is good until 7/31/07. The gift is my choosing, but I promise, it won't be a silly little gift. I will announce the names of my referers here and please email me at thishoknits@gmail.com so we can chat!

Today I am working on my hyenacart and will be uploading some custom spots and some tester spots. I will be testing shorties/longies and wool lap mats this go around. If you score a tester spot, once you receive the garment I would like for you to fill out my e-comment cart. I will email you a little questionnaire and would love honest(please be brutally honest to if you have to be) opinions and suggestions. Testers are non refundable, and will only be exchanged if there is a flaw on my part. Please make sure that your measurements are correct, and that you specify the gender, unless the colour doesn't matter to you.

I am working on a few perks for my customers. I was thinking about a "frequent wooler" policy. Like if you buy a certain amount of times you are eligible to recieve either a free gift or a discount on your next purchase. I am working on my user profile right now to put prices, shipping policies and general info.

Please comment here or email me with any questions. I will update again when I have my cart all sorted out.




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